FMP Primary Research

As part of some primary research for my animation and how I would make it I did some work experience in Mitcham that entailed me finding sound effects for children’s stop motion projects. I also got to see while there some of how the carers were editing them together and seeing if it could contribute to editing my work in anyway. They were using mainly after effects and seeing how they worked allowed me a different perspective on it, so when it came to putting mine together I felt a bit more confident.


FMP Research Secondary

I have looked at a piece of animation called The Thief and the Cobbler for inspiration for my own work. I have chosen it look at because there many interesting parts such as the chase scene that use very clever animation techniques to entertain the audience. They use the environment around them and perception of depth in order to express the characters chasing each other in different ways. The use of shapes and there direction is also used very cleverly and i wish to try and use the environment techniques such as shown in my work if possible.

FMP Research Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is the illusion of depth on 2D animation and is done with a technique where you make the background objects move slower than the foreground objects. You can say put a person walking through a forest with trees at the back moving slower than the ones at the front and make the person walk through the middle of them. This will create the effect of the 2D plain looking like it has 3D aspects. Parallax scrolling is used in both games and animation as a way of giving a much more realistic look to them and i plan on implementing the technique in my work.



FMP Show Reel

FMP 2D Animation

FMP Concept Art

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 01.09.43.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-05 at 01.10.50.png


Website evaluation

I have created a website over the course of a couple months that shows my work over the last two years in an online portfolio. I conducted research on the history of web browsers and what the best way to lay my portfolio out in order to come to a simple, yet informative outcome to my website.

I feel my website works effectively as a portfolio as everything is clearly stated in categories across the top of the site. This allows you to navigate the site easily from my graphics work, to my audio work and contact page. I also put in rollovers on the categories so that you know that its a link, as well as it giving a nice slick look. The design overall fills the space of the page without overcrowding it with too many unnecessary things, which can draw your eyes away from what you want them to see.

There are, however a couple of flaws to the finished site, for example for some reason on the finished site the home page does not show itself properly with part of the page being broken. Im was not sure how to fix though I did try looking through code and could not see anything wrong. If I had more knowledge and time on my side to do with dreamweaver I would have also made the audio and animation pictures link to the videos appropriate, however I struggled to do so as Dreamweaver was not co-operating to well.

In conclusion I feel that my final outcome of the website did represent my portfolio effectively in terms of the look of the site and use of colour ect. Although is not a completed project in terms of functionality as some work is not linkable and parts are broken due to unknown errors.

Website Review

The website produced by Creative Bloq has many incredibly effective yet simple elements that make the easy to while drawing you in at first appearances. One of these elements is the background, as every time you enter the site it changes to a different picture, giving the site a new look and variety each time you visit. There is also a very simple to use drop down menu at the top and the whole general layout can be worked out by someone easily even if they have no experience with the internet.

Lings Car’s website is a prime example of a poor website as there are many components to it that can confuse and even infuriate the user. There are many different pop-up like menus which look like annoying advertisements, but are in fact part of the site, they even get in the way of clicking/reading other menus or information due to poor placement and layout design. The background paisley like pattern is also very distracting from the actual site as there is just too much going on at one time, with lots of colours flashing and moving items. Whilst scrolling through the website you may just forget that it is an actual site for a car dealership.

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